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  In the year 2010, our company has invested RMB 460 million for new cold rolling production lines, 2 sets of mill 1150,1 set of mill 1380,1 piece of picking production line. Three production lines is Six Roller Coversable rolling Machine.

  The capacity output of the coversable rolling machine is 20,000 tons per month, the highest rolling speed is 1000 m per min and the strongest rolling presure is 1200 tons. The machine adopted the most advance technology with all -digital DC power, full hydraulic pressure. AGC hydraulic control and the 2nd class control of siemens computer systems, to ensure the product with fine surface quality and good shape.

  The product with thickness ranges between 0.18mm and 1.6mm ,width between 800mm and 1260mm which ensure raw materials supply for the production of galvanized steel and prepainted galvanized expanded the industry chain and improved industrial competition.


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