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Endeavor better than the requirement of customers!

Beautiful office & living environment Humanistic management

Shandong Lantian Group continuously constructs harmonious and happy working and living environment for its personal,which enables every employee to have a strong sense of safety,belongingand dignity ,and to improve their working efficiency to the largest extent,give full play to their potential,realize their self-worth on the highest level. As a result, the healthy development of the enterprise is promoted at the same time .



Colorful life & Wonderful Lantian

Let's bathe in the warmth Lantian

Let happiness spread and grow in the sunny season.



Technology Innovation

In terms of scientific and technical innovation , Shandong Lantian Group accelerates decelopment and research of the new products,guided by the idea of "always one step ahead " .
The group actively implements brand strategy domestically and internationally , making an internationally excellent brand .



Production safety & Provided to ensure zero defects of products.

Shandong Lantian Group extremely emphasizes personal safety,the safety of equipment and products and the safety of transportation during the process of production .

Shandong Lantian Group is strict with product quality and seeks perfection in every working procedure ,so as to be responsible for products and customers and to provide qualified products for customers .



Witness growth forge Lantian together

We are here building our homeland , building the faith to change the world

Create Lantian for the world with the world of Lantian !



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