Shock and Awe: I Spent a Few Days with a Ferrari 488GTB and Dodge Charger Pursuit


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If you’ve ever watched VH1’s Behind the Music, you know that there’s a story behind every album. I mean, Mötley Crüe didn’t create a head-banging juggernaut like Dr. Feelgood in a vacuum, people. This magazine, similar to the Crüe in so many ways, also has stories behind the, um, stories. And I’m not just talking about Phillips’s solo rap career. As a prelude to “How Fast Does Your Car Need to Be to Outrun a Cop?”, I spent a few days with both the Dodge Charger Pursuit and the Ferrari 488GTB, giving me some ­contemporaneous experience with life on the far end of the automotive public-­affection spectrum. READ MORE ››


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